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Online trading agencies are the world’s second largest industry, generating daily
cashflow for many professional traders the world over. It is also the most regulated and statistically-tracked industry in the world. Now, from the comfort of your home, it can be your path to financial freedom.

Every year in the industry turnover reaches over $13 billion, and it is rapidly growing by half a billion year-on-year. It is no secret that people such as John Singleton and James Packer trade in this market.

We use this industry because it is so regulated, and one of the largest growth industries in the world, with a growth rate of 12-15% compounding every year. It is also the only money market in the world that is tax and GST-free.

These results are outstanding, compared to the highly-taxed stock markets, which only realise its investors an average of 20% per annum. Many of the world’s high-profile professionals are astute money makers who use the professional online trading agencies, returning earnings in excess of 100% tax and GST-free.

Traders in this industry can be divided into three groups. By far the biggest group is the people with no information – people who follow everyone else in much the same way as they would follow the masses. Then there are the professional online traders, who make it their life’s work to try to understand the masses of data about each trade. Now, through advanced technology you have the opportunity to join the third group of serious money earners, who can capitalise on all of the knowledge and data provided by the professionals, to play the markets week-in and week-out and WIN.

In the future, the smart people will survive…don’t follow the old so-called ‘path to success’…that’s the hard way

Your Future

We all want to work smarter, not harder. We all want to be healthy, wealthy and free from stress. Very few of us are able to achieve these goals, simply because we don’t have access to the necessary tools.

Now you can earn a consistent and lucrative income for the rest of your life with our proven advanced online information.

This industry has and will always be recession-proof

Whether you are currently trading, or just considering it, consider Online Virtual. Then you can enter the exclusive club - the group of smart people who use information provided by others to create their own wealth. Our dedicated team of professionals will help you every step of the way.

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"Just a brief letter to say thank you for your ongoing support... I have been able to apply my knowledge and the information from the software with good results on a regular basis and am now considering leaving my job as the consistency has proved itself time and again."
- Phil, Melbourne