About Us

About Online VirtualOur History

After a long history of beta-testing (six years), thousands of dollars in reinvestment, and huge success, Online Virtual’s technology went on sale to the general public.

After overwhelming demand and referral from our many clients the
system is now available to you.

Our Team

Our team has the experience, the support, the know-how and the technology to make it happen for you.

With our powerful industry knowledge and experience you can be sure that we are constantly adding to our evolving technology. We have computer programmers, full time trainers, real users, support staff and consultants fully trained to help you with any query, any time.

Online Virtual’s success can be attributed to our fabulous staff who keep our clients happy. With Online Virtual’s system and expertise, every day is a good day.

Our Clients

We have a large range of clients from all walks of life. What they have in common is their desire for financial freedom and their commitment to making it happen.

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Create passive income
Learn how to set out system parameters so you don’t even have to be by your laptop to earn money. Our set-and-forget technology is simple to learn.
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"Just a brief letter to say thank you for your ongoing support... I have been able to apply my knowledge and the information from the software with good results on a regular basis and am now considering leaving my job as the consistency has proved itself time and again."
- Phil, Melbourne